Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned Markus Ederer, the  European Union’s ambassador to Moscow, over Lithuania’s decision to ban  transit of goods under EU sanctions to Kaliningrad. 

Vilnius has barred the transit of goods subject to EU sanctions through  Lithuanian territory to and from the Russian semi-exclave of  Kaliningrad. 

Moscow conveyed its “decisive protest” to Ederer over the “unilateral  anti-Russian restrictions on cargo transit between the Kaliningrad  region and the rest of the Russian Federation,” read a Foreign Ministry  statement. 

“Such actions are unacceptable, violating the relevant legal and  political obligations of the European Union and leading to an escalation  of tension,” the statement said. 

The ministry demanded the immediate restoration of normal transit  operations, warning of retaliatory measures if the curbs are not lifted,  according to the statement. 

Speaking to reporters while leaving the ministry, Ederer defended  Lithuania’s actions, saying the Baltic country was implementing an EU  decision and not taking any unliteral measures. 

Located on the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad is sandwiched between Poland and  Lithuania, and separated overland from the main part of Russia by  Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. 

Most railway transit between Russia and Kaliningrad is through Belarus and Lithuania.