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July 2020 Calendar – July stands to be the 7th month in the Georgian calendar. This month is going to be an important month in each and every aspect. It is a crucial month in religious, social, administrative, and commercial prospects. Each month is having a different role altogether in itself, the same goes for the month of July as well. Here we have an exclusive July 2020 Printable Calendar Templates that are free to download & easy to use for making schedules of our daily routine.

July 2020 Calendar

July 2020 is an important segment of the year as it gives you the entry of the second half of the year. Just like any other calendar, July 2020 calendar is here to showcase the important dates and events of the month along with the festive occasions that lie therein. Not just that you can use this calendar at your home, but you can also keep it in your office so that you can note down the significant to-do things right there. They are cosmetically appealing as well, as they make the surrounding appear equally stunning.

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july 2020 calendar JUly 2020 Calendar Pages

July 2020 Printable Calendar
July 2020 Printable Calendar

July 2020 Calendar Printable PDF July 2020 Calendar Word Template

How do people in the United States spend the month of July?

First of all, the 4th of July in the United States is one of the biggest days for celebration across any place out there. People in the neighborhood usually host barbecue parties and set off fireworks on this particular day. The government banks, offices and the stores situated over there remain closed on this day. Despite the fact that you are located in Boston, New York City, or even at the Washington DC, this is a very significant say in the country.

The Frontier Days or rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming is popularly known as a day when the Americans try to relive their Western culture all over again. The events that include during this occasion are parades, professional bull riders, and concerts. In case you are a music lover and are planning to visit Chicago recently, you can definitely plan it during the 30th of July in Grant Park, Chicago.

This is one of the most popular musical meets for non-profit artists. It is certainly one of the biggest music festivals where you find some of the most astounding celebrities including that of Ariana Grande and more. Thus, there is a lot of music, dance, comedy accompanied by a lot of fun.

History of the Month of July

July is recognized as the month of Quintilis in the Roman Calendar. Until the 450 B.C, July was recognized as the 5th month of the calendar. The term, “Quintilis” actually refers to the meaning ‘fifth’ as per the Latin and that’s how the month got its name. However, after that, the months of January and February were inserted in the calendar, and since then, July is known as the 7th month according to the Julian and the Georgian calendar.

The month has originally derived its name from the name of Julius Caesar who was born on the date of 12th in the month of July and thus, came to its name. Julius Caesar happened to be a mortal albeit and thus, his name is honored as the name of the month itself. The month consisted of only 31 days and ever since 45 BCE, the month was renamed in his honor. The same name exists even today. It is regarded as the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the coldest month in the southern hemisphere.

Name of the Flower of July Month & Birthstone

July’s flower is Larkspur or water lily. It originally belongs to the genus delphinium and thus, has got a great symbol to play in the lives of the people who were born this month. Larkspur generally comes in a wide range of vibrant colors and each of these hues has got their own significances in the lives of the individuals. While the white color resembles happiness, the pink color resembles fickleness and the purple color resembles the first love. In a nutshell, the larkspur is a kind of flower that symbolizes bonds of love. On the contrary, the birthstone of July is ruby which portrays contentment.

Moon phases July 2020

As the moon changes its phase in different weeks of the same month, the 1st week of July 2020, that is, the 5th of July will witness the full moon. After the first week gets over, the 13th of July 2020 will observe the 3rd quarter of moon. Again, there will be New moon on 20th of July 2020 and it will be 1st quarter of moon on 27th of July 2020.

July 2020 Moon Phases
July 2020 Lunar Calendar Phases
Moon Phases July 2020
Moon Phases July 2020

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