Free Printable Calendar For April 2020

Here you will find Free Printable Calendar For April 2020 in PDF, Word, Excel and JPEG format. April is considered as the fourth month of the Georgian calendar. It is an important month, particularly among the business people since they consider 1st April at the beginning of the financial year.

This month of April is just like life. It is a symbol when you should forget all that you have done so far. Of course, take the lessons from the mistakes and do big in the time to come. This is no less than an opportunity and it is absolutely up to you how you take it!

Calendar For April 2020

April is almost there knocking at the door and thus, the April 2020 calendar is going to be up very soon. It gives a new way to the people around so that they can start afresh. This is one of the best ways through which you can recollect all that you have skipped doing so far, and thus, start all over once again.

It is regarded as the month of finance and commerce all around. It is the month that is full of surprises and contradictions. It is also known as the month of endings and rebirth.

When you are fetching a calendar, you will also find an option to get your calendar customized wherein you can note all those significant dates when you have got something to do! In case you have got a health check-up, and you want to get reminded of it, mark the date and add a note right beside it.

Free Printable Calendar for April 2020

April 2020 Calendar
April 2020 Calendar

The Month of April in United States

The United States has always welcomed and cheered up for every single day that comes along their way. The months out there are celebrated with great pomp and glow. They begin the business fiscal year with a lot of enthusiasm.

The month of April in the United States is equally important just like any other country. With a printable calendar for april month, you will always get your chance to find out the list of Holidays along with the important dates of the month.

Not just that, you can also keep a track of the phases of the moon over that one month’s span. Thus, it isn’t over here! The month of April is basically known as Health awareness month.

History of April

Coming to the history of April, this month was actually derived from the name of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. She is known as the goddess of love. It is generally believed that the name of the month is derived from the Latin word, “Aprillis” which means ‘to open’.

This relates to the opening of the trees during the springtime. If you have a regret of not being able to do anything so far, you can always start it from the month of April. Just like the spring season gives the provision to the plants and flowers to rise up and bloom, the same goes for life as well.

Printable April 2020 Calendar
Printable April 2020 Calendar

You get a chance to rise up and get going. It is an opportunity for you to begin things altogether so that you do better once again. As the ‘Aprillis” originated from the Roman language, this month is also known as the Saxon: Eosturmonath (Easter month).

This is because the festival of Easter lies in this month. Germanic: Oster-mind is yet another name devoted to this month.

What are the moon phases in April 2020?

The 1st quarter of the moon is upon the 1st of April, 2020 and then on the 7th of April, 2020, the full moon night is witnessed. Again, as we proceed towards the month, we observe the 3rd quarter of the moon on the 14th of April, 2020.

Moving ahead, we also see that the 21st of April, 2020 witnesses the new moon. Again, the 1st quarter of the moon is seen in the sky on the 30th of April, 2020. These were all about the lunar phases of the moon and these phases are generally calculated based on the local time in New York.

What are the holidays in April 2020?

Date Day Holiday
April 1 Wednesday April Fool’s Day 2020
April 2 Thursday Pascua Florida Day 2020
April 5 Sunday Palm Sunday 2020
April 6 Monday National Tartan Day 2020
April 9 Thursday Maundy Thursday 2020
April 9 Thursday Passover (first day) 2020
April 10 Friday Good Friday 2020
April 11 Saturday Holy Saturday 2020
April 12 Sunday Easter Sunday 2020
April 13 Monday Easter Monday 2020
April 13 Monday Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 2020
April 15 Wednesday Tax Day 2020
April 15 Wednesday Father Damien Day 2020
April 16 Thursday Last Day of Passover 2020
April 16 Thursday Emancipation Day 2020
April 17 Friday Orthodox Good Friday 2020
April 18 Saturday Orthodox Holy Saturday 2020
April 19 Sunday Orthodox Easter 2020
April 20 Monday Orthodox Easter Monday 2020
April 20 Monday Patriot’s Day 2020
April 20 Monday Boston Marathon 2020
April 21 Tuesday Yom HaShoah 2020
April 21 Tuesday San Jacinto Day 2020
April 21 Tuesday National Library Workers’ Day 2020
April 22 Wednesday Earth Day 2020
April 22 Wednesday Oklahoma Day 2020
April 22 Wednesday Administrative Professionals Day 2020
April 23 Thursday Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2020
April 24 Friday Ramadan Starts 2020
April 24 Friday Arbor Day 2020
April 26 Sunday Confederate Heroes’ Day 2020
April 27 Monday Confederate Memorial Day 2020
April 29 Wednesday Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020


Easter is yet another crucial observation in the month of April. The 12th April 2020 witnesses the Easter Sunday this year. Easter can be any time between March 22 and April 25, just like halloween does! In 2020, we got a fixed date of this celebration being observed on the 12th of April.

Hence, the Good Friday will be observed on the 10th of April, 2020 and then the Monday bank holiday will fall on the 13th of April, 2020. Previously, there were a lot of controversies among the Christians wherein the Eastern and Western churches used to celebrate Easter on different days of the calendar.

These things remained unresolved for years and only some of the years witnessed that the dates coincide. As per the western countries, the festival of Easter Sunday should follow the first moon post the spring equinox.

Easter has always been an observance depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and thus, the church usually calculates the day from the ecclesiastical calendar.

This is usually done to ensure that they are able to keep a track of the full moon which otherwise tends to change after each time zone. Easter Sunday in the United States is also known as the Pascha wherein people prefer to go for festival meetings.

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